The convenience of the traditional catalog with the ease of use of twenty-first century technology — iCatalog™

Catalog shopping is not what it used to be. iCatalog™ provides seamless, full service catalog app development and distribution with rapid deployment, affordable pricing and low time investment on your part.

iCatalog-ScreensiCatalog™ is the leading white-label iOS app system for catalog distribution in the App Store. We make it easy for you by taking care of the entire process.

Our framework and platform allow

us to quickly provide you with your very own, fully-branded app. From there, we produce a digital version of your catalogs and distribute it to users via your app. No more promoting someone else’s brand. No more sharing shelf space with lesser brands, diluting your brand or delivering your customers to your competitor’s doorstep.

iCatalog™ allows you to deliver digital catalogs via your own app, while enhancing your brand’s image without the need to share your revenue or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on in-house development efforts.

iCatalog-WebAppiCatalog™ provides catalog deployment for both iPad and Web. A version of your catalog can be easily embedded in your website, so that you can provide your customers with easily accessible catalogs with a consistent experience across both platforms.

The web version of iCatalog™ supports all the same features of your iPad version. That means that all the videos, SwatchMatch™ pages, external links and product information you know and love on the iPad app, will also be available in the Web version.

Here is an example of an embedded catalog from one of our current clients:

Brooks Brothers ~ Fall 2013 ~ iCatalog web
(This is a great way to implement embedded catalogs, using a lightbox design.)